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2 min readFeb 1, 2021


Hello Readers!!!

This is one big thing that happened to 5 different Defi(Decentralized Finance) platform this month, the suspense was created and everyone anticipated until announced.

These platforms are Matic Network, Reef Finance, OpenDeFi by Oropocket, Centaur, and Frontier.

The slogan says, One farm to rule them all, this is a really great initiative for users to earn high returns and maximize profits from their investment.

Farming could never be this better in the Defi(Decentralized Finance) ecosystem. All five platform have their own unique product and services but have just one thing in common. This one thing is none other than Decentralization.

Now, Read on to see why you must come on UNIFARM.


The unique feature of this newly launched platform is enough reason for any good investor to opt-in, for everyone participating in DEFI, they want few things in any DeFi platform to assure them that the platform they are investing in is truly a Defi platform.
Aside large earning and farming 5 different coins, these four things makes Unifarm a good platform to invest in if you truly want decentralization;

  • One Place to Farm — There’s nothing as good as having all your holding in one piece and earn as much as 250% APY. Takes away searching and sifting for users.
  • Self-Custodian Wallet — By self-custodian, it means users will have their tokens stay with them within their control. Unifarm will not be responsible for keeping its user’s tokens and this is called TRUE Decentralization.
  • Stake one, Farm many — The uniqueness of Unifarm stand in staking 1 coin from any of the 5 platforms and be able to farm the others.
  • No Lock-In — Users are free to unstake their assets anytime since Unifarm is a complete decentralized platform. No lock-in of assets and users can have full control over them.

Visit and Watch Official Website for coming updates.
Sure you don’t want to miss it.
Unifarm is the next big thing, don’t forget to get your coins ready. Stake 1 of the 5 platforms coins and get to farm all others.


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