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Aggregation Exchanges are a major part of the crypto space and they are solving a major problem for us in the space, taking away the stress of finding the best prices on different exchanges, Aggregation Exchanges helps you pick the best across all exchanges they have partnered with and mostly they must have partnered with the top DEXs

I have seen so many Aggregation Exchanges available to users in the crypto space, I have seen Newdex on the EOS Blockchain, and with what Newdex offers as an aggregated exchange, I am concluding that aggregation exchanges are the future in the crypto space.

In this article, I will be talking about those on the Binance Smart Chain which happens to be the latest and another easy-to-use chain with a lesser gas fee, unlike Ethereum.

I know of 1inch, this is an aggregated exchange(An Exchange that splits a single trade transaction across multiple DEXs) which is available on different chains, to use 1inch, users can connect to Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Ethereum network which means they can use aggregated exchange not only on one network but on 3 different chains.

1inch Pathfinder API uses discovery and routing algorithm in finding the best path for token swaps then splitting the swaps across multiple exchanges and market depths of the same exchange. This is an exchange that uses different sources of liquidity to make sure there’s sufficient liquidity on their platform for swaps, in fact, including private liquidity sources.

At the moment, 1inch happens to be the only exchange offering exchange aggregation on Binance Smart Chain providing all services as they do on other chains to Bsc users and I think they are doing well.

Aggregation Exchange on Binance Smart Chain might be having a +1 soon as Bsc chain welcomes Newdex which is also one of the best aggregation exchanges you will come across, they have been riding the EOS chain and providing the best services.

According to Newdex Whitepaper 2.0, Newdex is going to be developing aggregated DEX on multiple chains and will launch on ETH(Including layer 2), BSc, HECO, and other chains to make available full composability of DeFi and also integrate so many features like order book, K-line, Price market, token information etc.

Pancake dominates the market for years. As an AMM Exchange, Pancake doesn’t develop the K-line for trading reference, which is significant to users.
What’s more, users can track the transaction records of the whole net in Newdex, and intuitively see whether there are more people buying or selling in real-time, thus improving the efficiency of decision-making.

Newdex AGG DEX provides users with the best trading path. For users who need to make large transactions, Newdex will aggregate several Swaps to get the most tokens by decreasing transaction fees. Different from normal Exchanges of Swaps, Newdex helps users make quick and efficient decisions with the advanced K-line and trading records of the whole net as visual references.

Looking at this whole plan of Newdex, Bsc users are having yet another big platform for aggregation exchanges to trade their coins with ease aside 1inch and I am very convinced that Newdex products and services will attract users to pick them as one of the best-aggregated exchanges with abundant tokens as they have other aggregated decentralized Exchanges which includes Uniswap,
SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, 0X, Kyber Network, Balancer, Curve, Bancor,
MDEX, etc.

The future of aggregated exchange on Bsc is really looking good with Newdex integrating other chains including Bsc and following all plans as stated in the Newdex Whitepaper 2.0

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