The Dark Horse Matches towards BSC — Newdex AGG Exchange || A Major Competitor for 1inch on BSc Chain

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You should anticipate this AGG Exchange coming on Binance Chain.

When a dark horse moves towards Bsc and no one has gotten a clue what it’s bringing to the chain. Over the years since Defi started, they have been a lot of platforms and exchanges coming up to ensure everything goes smoothly, so many investment opportunities and platforms rendering services to Defi users on the chain.

There has only been 1 aggregated exchange on Binance Chain and this only AGG Exchange might be welcoming a competitor soon, a lot of users will now have an alternative AGG Exchange, an AGG Exchange known for its reputable operation on the EOS chain.


Newdex is moving into Binance Chain like a dark horse with all the outstanding features it operates with on Eos and this might lead to Newdex becoming a major competitor of 1inch considering how smooth they operate on EOS and the acceptability that might come from the users from their smooth services.

We never can tell what Newdex has in store for the AGG Exchange when they finally commence operation on Binance Chain but there’s every possibility that Newdex will have the best trading path for all users especially those with larger transactions and also help users in making the fastest and best decision with K-line and trading records, users can track the transaction records of the whole net in Newdex as visual references which are not present in Pancakeswap.

This is not to attack 1inch in any way but the services of the Newdex AGG with its mindblowing features, like order book, K-line, Price market, token information, will speak volumes for them and will leave users no choice but do a comparison and contrast, this might lead to picking 1 over the other.

As we all anticipate the commencement of Newdex AGG on the Binance Chain, Do not forget the role a platform token plays in its operation especially when it’s a platform rendering a very big service in a large crypto chain like Binance Smart Chain.

Newdex token $DEX might be a good buy for everyone using the Binance Chain and always dealing with larger transactions, Newdex might be coming from any angle, and also don’t forget they might be other investment opportunities that may require $DEX token.

Buy when you still can.

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