ReeF Finance Partners with Matic Network

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Still on Matic Network update for November.

Reef Finance is the leading DeFi project on the Polkadot ecosystem. Reef announce its intention to partner with Matic Network to make cross-chain DeFi a reality.

Since Matic Network uses an adapted version of plasma with PoS based sidechains to massively scale the Ethereum network.

The partnership with Matic Network will help Reef Finance scale its DeFi Platform and users can experience a smooth, fast and secure users experience.

There are so many DeFi platform available to DeFi platform users but Reef collaboration with Matic Network will make ReeF provide the best-in-class DeFi service and be one step ahead of others in the same game.

Matic Network and ReeF partnership will be one step closer to making DeFi accessible to everyone.

Read more about the Collaboration Here


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