Reef Finance January Update

4 min readJan 31, 2021

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Here is the complete update of everything that happened in Reef Finance this January.
Being the first Defi platform on Polkadot blockchain serving as the gateway for Defi through liquidity and protocol aggregation.

A lot of building and partnership is still on and below are the updates you might have missed in Reef this month.

Reef Finance Partners with Avalanche

Reef partners with Avalanche, this will enable Reef users to access decentralized finance(Defi) activities in the Avalanche ecosystem directly through Reef Platform.
Avalanche is an interoperable, highly scalable, open-source platform for designing DApps & enterprise blockchains.

Reef Finance Partners with OpenDeFi (Oropocket)

Open Finance Protocol by Oropocket bridges the gap between physical assets and Defi, they allow users to stake assets and receive an instant loan against the asset, Reef Partnership with OpenDeFi will allow reef Finance users to access yield generation opportunities and receive instant loans on assets.

Reef Finance Partners with bZx Protocol

The bZx protocol is an Ethereum-based decentralized platform for Defi shorting, leverage, borrowing, and lending applications. With this partnership between Reef and bZx, Reef users will be able to achieve variously leveraged baskets through bZx.

Reef Finance Reaches 15k Followers on Twitter

Reef Finance Twitter community reached 15,000 followers, the community growing so much into a strong and dedicated one.

Reef Finance Shared Overview

In 2020, Reef Finance achieved the following, See highlights

  • Reef Finance Launched to make Defi easier.
  • Secured $3.9 million Fund to build the easiest way to get into Defi.
  • Reef Finance launched Rangers Ambassador Program
  • Binance Access API Integration
  • Smart Contracts Audit by Halborn Security
  • Debut on Binance Launchpool as the best Polkadot Project
  • Total Value Locked on Binance Launchpool $400+ Million within 48 hours.
  • $Reef listing on Binance, Uniswap, Pancakeswap and Poloniex
    See link to read all other updates from the 2020 overview.

Reef Finance announced Trading Competition on Open Ocean

Reef launched trading on competition OpenOcean and users will be compensated for the gas fee spent while trading. Trading is from 20th Jan — 3rd Feb.

Reef Finance Token $REEF on DOTECO

Binance launches DOTECO (@Polkadot Ecosystem) Composite Index perpetual contract that includes $REEF as an underlying asset. Reef is the second-highest in weight of total underlying assets of DOTECO.

Reef Finance Partners with Unifi protocol

Unifi is a suite of non-custodial, interoperable, multi-chain smart contracts for building next-gen #DeFi apps. This partnership will let reef users diverse investment options through Unifi’s liquidity pools.

Reef Finance $Reef on Huobi

Reef Finance Token $Reef got listed on one of the world’s leading exchanges HUOBI. Users can now trade Reef against BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Reef Finance Launches Trading Competition on 3Commas

Reef launch a trading competition on 3commas with a $3,000 prize pool where the top 5 winners will be selected based on their trading volume.

Reef Finance Partners with Manta Network

Manta is a Privacy-First Defi platform that is building a cross-chain, privacy-preserving, price-stable DEX based on Substrate. This partnership will make Reef users seamless access to liquidity from Manta DEX.

Reef Finance Announce Unifarm

Reef Finance is one of the 5 projects participating in the Unifarm Yield. On Unifarm, you can stake any of the 5 projects to farm all 5 coins. See here.

Reef Finance is Trending on Coinmarketcap

$Reef is the 3rd most searched token in Europe.
Reef Finance is making Defi Easy and Setting New Milestone every day.

Reef finance has done a lot this month and will do even more in February.
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