Reef Finance December Update

Partners with Matic Network

  • This month Reef Fiinance partners with Matic network which is a world of opportunity for developers building Web3 Dapps. This partnership will enable interaction between DeFi application built on Ethereum and Polkadot and this will also help Reef massively scale its DeFi platform.

Reef Integrates with Binance

Polkadot DeFi Alliance

Partnership with DAOFi

Reef with Halborn Security

Partners with Kylin Network

Reef on Binance Launchpool

Reef Features on Coin Telegraph

Reef on Binance

Reef on Uniswap

12,000 Telegram Community Members

Reef on Coingecko

Have a wonderful 2021 Ahead


I am Bee 🐝




Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast

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Princess Aniky

Princess Aniky

Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast

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