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Having introduced Persistence briefly in my previous article where I talked about how this modern blockchain platform is providing solutions, use cases, and opportunities for all participants in the crypto space including native crypto users and institutions.

From here, there’s a big need to walk you through the Product/Services of Persistence, of which you might find anyone interesting and see opportunities to exploit.

Every product of Persistence has its own uniqueness and each of them was created as a solution to a major problem you might be facing, Read on to see which one you might probably have been waiting to see

Products/Services of Persistence

Below are the products of Persistence;

  • ComDex
  • Pstake
  • AssetMantle

ComDex — Synthetics Trading Platform

ComDex is a product of Persistence, this is a platform created to make the process of trading commodities faster, easier and smoother for users. Like I said, every product is aimed at solving a major problem, ComDex is created as a trade-tech platform to tackle some of the industry challenges.

Below are the important Features

  • Shorter trade cycles
  • Establish credibility and trust
  • Organized trade workflows
  • Reduced legal processes

There’s a need for a good validator fat every proof-of-stake network, and staking as a solution for proof-of-stake networks. is a leading validator providing white labeling solutions for both hardware and software.

  • Decentralized Infrastructure
  • State-of-the-art security
  • 24/7 Validators services.


Another product of Persistence is Pstake, A liquid staking application created to unlock the true potential of proof-of-stake tokens by unlocking liquidity of staked assets allowing users(stakers) to generate higher returns on their investment(staked assets).

Asset Mantle

As part of what users can get from Persistence, NFTs are not left out, Asset Mantle is all about NFTs, It’s an inter-chain framework that allows the creation of a customized marketplace, this product(Asset Mantle)hosts a native cross-chain market with bridges to IBC-enabled chains and Ethereum. Asset mantle is building a universe of NFTs.

These are products and services of Persistence, you can read more on the Official Website or look forward to more articles from me.

The native token of Persistence is $XRPT.

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