Nord Finance Products & Services, Token and Ecosystem Partners

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It is well known that every platform with the name Decentralized Finance(Defi) definitely have a product, service, token, and its own ecosystem partners, all these are the reasons the platform will keep moving, let’s see how these 3 affect Nord Finance.

Nord Products and Services

  • Nord.Savings: Nord Finance has a product where users can invest, it allows optimizing returns through a multi-chain yield farming mechanism, where users can farm stable coins with the highest possible risk-adjusted returns. This product of Nord Finance helps users maximize returns by employing the highest risk-adjusted APY’s. With Nord.Savings, Users can save to farm stable coins without fear of losing funds or value.
  • Nord.Advisory: This is a service rendered by Nord Finance through a robo-advisory service, this robo is designed to outline customized and very profitable strategies for users which makes them hold better positions based on their financial goals.
  • Nord.Loans: Here is another product of Nord Finance where Defi users are able to leverage their crypto assets to their greatest potential by pledging them in a smart contract, making them available as loans for unanticipated circumstances. The process to avail of an instant over-collateralized loan is quite uncluttered and hassle-free.
  • Nord.Swap: To enable the exchange of value for value, converting one coin to the other, Nord has a service called Nord Swap, which is a blockchain, decentralized, and permissionless instant swap protocol driving cross-communication and interaction of digital assets.


Every platform has its own currency which can be used for transactions within the ecosystem. Nord is in no way different, Nord Token is the currency of Nord Finance, it’s a utility token and its primary utilities include voting, staking, and employing yield farming strategies across different Defi platforms.

Users can get $Nord through mining which is the Liquidity Mining Program or Purchase $NORD via centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Ecosystem Partners

Nord Finance has partnered with different other platforms that have different purposes. They are listed as follows;

  • Orion Protocol: Nord partnered with Orion protocol to push the Defi sphere to the next innovation levels. Both platforms will channelize their efforts to boost liquidity, accessibility, and interoperability.
  • Frontier: Nord partnered with frontier to enable users to track and manage Defi Positions, stake their assets, swap or exchange assets, and explore more and more Defi applications in one single place.
  • Zokyo: Nord Finance aims to establish its platform as a standard platform for trust and care, they are doing this through Zokyo efficient security partnership, thus transferring value to users and the community by making sure they are protected.
  • Unilend: Partnership with Unilend will make Nord Finance reshape the existing Defi ecosystem with the next-gen innovation and technological solutions bring the whole community closer to the decentralized future they wanted.
  • MahaDao: Nord Finance is integrating $ARTH, a stable coin into Nord.Savings products enabling lending of ARTH and earning passive income.

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