Nord Finance March Recap — Integrations and Partnerships

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Here is a short and easy to comprehend recap of everything that happened in Nord Finance this month.
A lot has happened and most of it has brought about ease to the Nord finance community which also is a major growth for Nord.

This month in Nord Finance, the following happened:

Nord Finance Integrates Binance Smart Chain

Seeing the network congestion of the Etehreum network, the Nord Finance team decided to make $Nord token and Nord products available on Binance Smart Chain including the NordSavings V1

So Nord is now integrated into BSC.

Nord Finance Partners with Elrond Network

Nord Finance enters a strategic partnership with Elrond Network, a leading public blockchain to introduce cross-chain DeFi Opportunities. This collaboration will allow Nord Finance to work closely with Elrond and offer users cross-chain DeFi opportunities such as Robo-advisory, funds management, swaps, and savings, etc.

Nord Savings V2

Nord Savings V2 contract were sent to Zokyo for Audits.

Nord Finance Partners with Polygon Network

Nord Finance enters a strategic partnership with Polygon(Previously Matic) and this partnership will usher in increased DeFi adoption, enhancing the overall user experience encouraging mainstream users to participate in the revolutionary financial paradigm.

Nord Finance Live on Chain Swap

This is another big one for Nord Finance this month,
Using ChainSwap bridge users can bridge $NORD over to BSC and #HECO Chains. Making $NORD tokens accessible across multiple DeFi ecosystems opening endless possibilities of cooperation and also awareness around our product.

Nord Finance Live on Pancakeswap

Nord Finance $Nord token users can now swap see Nord token on Pancakswap.

NORD LP Reward Program Is Now Live On PancakeSwap!

Users can now earn $NORD when they provide liquidity into NORD/BUSD Pair and Stake LP Tokens.

AAVE Is Now Enabled On Nord Savings Yield Farming Strategies!

Users will now earn more yield from staking their stablecoins via Nord Savings. Currently, users earn $NORD tokens as rewards for depositing stablecoins into Nord Savings but they can now earn Aave as well.

These are the updates I think you might have missed this month.

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