Newdex Upgraded into DEX Aggregator — Enjoy the Brand New Trading Experience

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This article is about Newdex Upgrade into DEX aggregator to improve users trading experience.

Being the first Decentralized Exchange on the EOS Blockchain, Newdex has been operating for over 2 years and there has always been growth in users base within the EOS community and for me, I will say Newdex is the most used and overly accepted exchange within the EOS community.

But there’s this one problem faced by Newdex, this can be concluded to be the reason why Newdex hasn’t been adopted more than it is now, this problem is none other than the LACK OF LIQUIDITY. Newdex isn’t the first DEX experiencing this and seems like it is peculiar to almost all order-book mode DEX.

The solution to this problem faced by Newdex will surely improve users trading experience and give way for further adoption, this is why the Newdex team came up with a very good solution to eliminate this trading deficiency, the solution is upgrading into a DEX Aggregator.

With the new upgrade, Newdex will aggregate the liquidity of the two EOS blockchain AMM swap pool, DEFIBOX and DEFIS NETWORK.

How it works

What Newdex aggregator does is very simple, It helps users(traders) look at prices from DEXs and get the best and favorable price for them, once it has gotten the best price, orders will be sent to the best DEX or both. DEX aggregator is the best service for users to get which DEX has the highest selling price and lowest buying price in the market(DEXs).

This aggregator will help users save much time and take out the stress of checking all platforms for the best price before trading is done, this is most suitable and beneficial for arbitrageurs since they will be able to pick the best price from different DEXs, then they can do more transaction within one platform with the most favorable price picked for them.

Newdex just solved a major problem for its users and this could not have been any better.

Visit Newdex to experience the brand new trading.


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