Newdex Integrating Multichain || Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Others!!!

Hello Blockchain Lovers!!!

Here is good news for every blockchain user especially those using Newdex(the world’s leading decentralized exchange) on the EOS Blockchain, and also a holder of the Newdex token $DEX using it to participate in the network(EOS).

Newdex and its token were originally built on the EOS network but now, there’s a plan to make its users enjoy being on multichain which will give way for plenty of opportunities and more use cases.

What more does a user wants than enough opportunity to explore and good returns on their investments coming from a project they love. Newdex exchange currently supports TRON and IOST network token trading aside from the EOS network, but then Newdex is soon making it possible for their users to trade tokens across multiple chains from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum and so many other chains.

If there’s any best time to buy $DEX token then it is now and right now, the use cases of $DEX will increase as soon as it is available for users to use on different chains and you will be able to do more with your DEX token and Newdex as a whole.

Nothing feels better than looking forward to something entirely new.

If you still hold the former token which is $NDX, do not forget to swap it to DEX as it has been delisted from trading.
Only Swap on Here and stay tuned for more info and updates from the Newdex team.

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