Meta Pebble Use Cases: Get Paid for Your Real-World Data Stored in the Blockchain

Meta-Pebble Use Cases

  • Fitness Records — So many dApps will be on the MachineFi Appstore, these dApps are added by developers and they do different things. Looking at the number of fit fam people and how they track their fitness records, they want to know how they started, how they are progressing and how far they’ve gone. All these records can be provided to the dApps collecting Fitness records for this user to earn through Meta-Pebble.
  • Blockchain Events — Some crypto enthusiasts find pleasure in attending all seminars and blockchain-related events, this can be classified as proof of attendance. However, having a dApp that collects data related to only blockchain events for users to earn is unique. Meta-Pebble can also be useful for this, users earn from their data and this can also be available for anyone who needs access to such data since it’s stored on the Blockchain.
  • Tourism — A dApp collecting data from users who can show evidence of their visit to different special spots in the world to get rewarded, proof of traveling. This will be a good way to encourage tourists to share the data they get from their journey, not just getting this data and keeping it to themselves, they share with the blockchain through Meta-Pebble to get rewarded.
  • Medical Information — Health sectors have lots of data from their daily engagements with patients. These data are needed by so many other organizations that need to draw conclusions, especially the statisticians. For example, they might need the count of kids affected by covid in the first 6 months of the pandemic. If health sectors provide this data to a particular MachineFi-Powered dApp, it could be a source to earn money for the people in this sector if they participate with their mobile phones through Meta-Pebble.
  • Weather Condition — Different people live in different parts of the world where there are clearly different weather conditions, a MachineFi-Powered dApp accepting weather for every area in the world with clear evidence could be a good way for anyone to earn with their participation and involvement with their phones as a crypto miner through Meta-Pebble.
  • Automobile Usage — If a particular MachineFi-Powered dApp collects data with real proof of using any four-wheel vehicle, be it proof of driving a car, truck for delivery, tractor for farming, and so many other related activities with four-wheeled automobiles, even the least expected people will participate and have a space in the MachineFi economy because they have a proof of activity to offer.



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