Matic Network Update Feeds || OroPocket On Matic Network


Major components of OpFi

  • Tokenisation of real world asset
  • Instant Trade without the need of exchange
  • Instant very low cost loans
  • Earn yield on real world assets
  • Universal chain support

Why OpFi chose Matic Network

  • Matic network offers fast transaction on the ERC20 network and for OpFi being a financial protocol, there’s need for fast transaction.
  • Matic network have a low fee which will help micro transactions of OpFi.
  • Open Finance Protocol wants to be neutral in their dealings, by building on Matic Network, they are able to stay fully decentralized as Matic Network is fully open and decentralized network.
  • Matic being a side chain to the Ethereum Network, existing ERC20 contracts can be easily deployed on it and this is in turn cool for OpFi to deploy contracts.
  • OpFi will have access to large number of people from the Matic Community as Matic Network have one of the most active community in the blockchain space. This will definitely help to adopt more users to OpFi.


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Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast

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Princess Aniky

Princess Aniky

Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast

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