Matic Network Summary Update — January 2021

Hello Blockchain Readers!!!

It’s a new year 2021 and a new month start for everyone.
Just as I do every month, I have brought you the summary of all updates in Matic Network for January, the one you might have missed or skipped.

The new year started well for Matic Network saying a BIG HAPPY NEW YEAR to the Matic Community.

Read on to see updates of what happened in Matic;

Aavegotchi Moves to Matic Network

This is the first big news in Matic Network this month.
Aavegotchi is a leading DeFi and NFT project, they chose Matic Network because of the delay in ETH since Matic Network is the biggest Layer 2 Network

Fire Protocol joins Matic Network

Fire Protocol has a power-packed suite of cross-chain solutions, including a Money Market and a DEX/Swap on Huobi Eco Chain. With this partnership, Fire Protocol will expand Matic Ecosystem by wrapping H-assets onto Matic and broadening the usage and interoperability of $MATIC.

Matic Network Reaches 70k Twitter Family

Matic Network is the fastest-growing Layer 2 Network, So many DApps integrating Matic Network every day and the community is becoming larger than expected. Matic twitter family exceeded 70K.

Matic Network Token $MATIC on Huobi

This month $Matic got listed on Huobi and users can now have spot trading with Matic trading against USDT, BTC and ETH.

Matic Network 2020 Review Released

In 2020, Matic Network has developed a lot with the following achievements:

  • 80+ Dapps,
  • 4.2M+ txns &
  • 164,000+ unique wallets makes Matic Network the only production-ready scaling solution
    Read in full here

Matic Network Token $MATIC on Gateway Exchange

Matic got listed on Gateway Exchange, with $Matic trading against USDT and ETH.

XPRT Stake Drop for Matic Holders

Exeedme now on Matic Network

The top blockchain-powered gaming platform that allows gamers, developers, and gaming communities to monetize their skills and efforts with the power of Defi and NFTs is integrating Matic.

reBase Partners with Matic Network

reBase is a social capital system with an elastic supply, they are integrating and deploying on Matic to drastically reduce the fee for token holders.

GG DApp joined Matic Network

GG DApp is a decentralized gaming platform rewarding skilled gamers, they joined so Matic will power the blockchain-based rewards mechanism and staking along with the best UX for both crypto and non-crypto users.

Matic Network Partners with Blockpass

With the help of Blockpass, On-chain KYC is now available on Matic Network.
Blockpass is a digital identity verification provider that provides a one-click compliance gateway to financial services and other regulated industries.

Swirge Network joins Matic Network

Swirge user-first decentralized products allow users to get rewarded for their activities: a social platform that pays you for your time. They bring their suite of decentralized products: Swirge Pay, Swirge Marketplace, and Swirge Social Media to Matic Network

Matic Network Token $Matic on DEFI Pulse

Matic got listed on DeFi Pulse.

Vanilla Network joined Matic

Vanilla Network is a gaming and staking powerhouse, they are integrating Matic.

Vulcan Forged joined Matic Network

Vulcan Forged is one of the largest Web3 game studios, Launchpads and top-5 volume NFT marketplace is integrating with Matic.

0Chain Partners with Matic Network

0Chain is a decentralized cloud storage platform, that will integrate with Matic’s high speed and scalable architecture. A low-cost storage solution is now available to developers on Matic!

LimeJuice and ProtonGaming Now Matic Network Validators

This is to provide more security and decentralization on Matic Network.

Matic Network Tokens $MATIC on Latoken Exchange

$Matic got listed on Top 15 Exchange Latoken, trading against USDT and BTC.

Matic Network Tokens $MATIC on

Matic Network Token $MATIC got listed on, More than $1k and 100M Spirit Foundation coin available for giveaways.

Matic Foundation Node Shutting Down

Matic announces Foundation Nodes shutting down on the last day of January.

SuperFluid deployed on Matic Network

Developers can quickly deploy & experiment with Superfluid’s Programmable Cashflows, without transaction cost worries.

Matic Network announce Unifarm

Matic Network is one out of the 5 projects making up Unifarm. Stake 1 of 5 coins to farm all. $50k Reward Pool.

Identity-Quad of Layer 2 DeFi — Matic as the Enabler

Inter-platform integration will revolutionize Digital Identity Management. Read more here

MrCryptoSaga NFTs joined Matic Network

World’s number 2 blockchain game is integrating Matic.

IDEAOLOGY joined Matic Network

Ideaology, an open-source blockchain platform that connects startups, freelancers, and investors in a collaborative ecosystem is integrating with Matic!

Xend Finance joined Matic Network

Xend Finance is a platform bringing DeFi to credit unions is integrating Matic

Triple Yield Farming by Matic Network, Aavegotchi and Quiskswap

This is another way to Farm and get more rewards. Read more here.

The month has been a very long one for Matic Network but it’s certainly a good way to start a NEW YEAR.
See you again NEXT MONTH.

Don’t forget to check the Matic Network Official Website and Follow Twitter Page


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