Matic Network — July Update Summary

July Update Summary

  • One of the leading Indian Exchange, CoinDCX enabled deposit and withdrawal of Matic.. This means that users of CoinDCX can now trade Matic on the exchange. It has 3 trading pairs.
  • Deposits & withdrawals of $MATIC was enabled on WazirXIndia as a response to Indians requesting Matic Staking. Users can now trade Matic on WazirXIndia with 3 different trading pairs. MATIC/BTC, MATIC/USDT and MATIC/INR. Trade MATIC on WazirX by following Link
  • Swapzone enabled Matic for aggregation on Swapzone, This is a non-custodial exchange where you can exchange other crypto for Matic. They got Matic listed. Here you can compare matic exchange rate on instant swap exchanges.
  • Matic welcome Neon District, a cyberpunk adventure RPG and the flagship of the leading blockchain game development studio Blockade Games. Neon District starts to run entirely on Matic Network including its in-game NFT system.
  • Matic Launched network layer 2 security hackathon with Gitcoin. This is part of Matic broader push to attract developer to review, contribute and improve matic base code to prepare it for mass adoption.
  • Matic got featured on Binance Lab Monthly newsletter covering staking, mainnet launch and Dapp Migration. Here is Link to Binance Lab Newsletter
  • Matic Welcome Bullionix. An ETH based NFT platform backed by real Gold. Users on this platform are able to cast their designs, stake their DGX gold token, Create NFTs and sell their products.
  • A global exchange Probit listed Matic on the 23rd July with 2 pairs Matic/USDT and Matic/KRW. Probit celebrated this by holding exclusive sale, where they offer matic at 50% discount.
  • Build and Earn program powered by Matic. This is a program that offers monthly recurring benefit designed to enable devs to create and improve their Dapps. Follow Link to see how you can participate.
  • Matic Supported those that gathered online for Nibble Computer Society’s HackCovid hackathon! they built on Matic and were able to develop solutions to problems currently being faced in healthcare and technology, and focused on supporting at-risk and quarantined people.
  • Blockchain cuties got on Matic Network, A Blockchain adventure game. Matic Hero announcement and presale and so many giveaways
  • Leading wallet provider Torus Lab, A wallet backed by Coinbase and Binance started running a Matic Validator Node. They are contributing to validate transactions on Matic
  • Matic supported young talented devs t Ingenious Hackathon!. They assisted hackers to build varieties of decentralized solutions on Matic. Tracks included Healthcare Tech, Agro Tech, Mobility & Blockchain.
  • Matic supported builders at Chain Runner. Devs from across the globe gathered to help build decentralized future by building innovative hacks on Matic.
  • Matic supported Builders at Parallax hackathon. Many devs were introduced to Blockchain, theme include FinTech, Healthcare, Industrial Development & Defence.
  • Matic announced a multi-million dollar DeFi-focused incubator program due to huge interest from many DeFi teams for layer2
  • Matic first DeFi-Focused Initiative Stafi-Protocol launched $40k stakingdrop for matic holders. $40k $fis token distributed to Matic Stakers.
  • Infosys started running a Matic Validator Node. They are now contributing their resources to Matic mainnet.
  • Matic Collaborated with Block Foundry to to explore interoperability between Syscoin
    and Matic . Follow Link to read more about syscoin.
  • Matic submitted POC for reddit scaling Bake-off. See submission Here and Blog Post Here
  • Binance users can now purchase Matic on Binance with credit/debit cards, 4 Fiat currency are accepted. They are $USD, $EUR. $GBP and $RUB.
  • As part of Matic upcoming push into DeFi, Users can now stake Matic via popular DeFi Interface. Frontier Wallet. You can also stake on mobile via Trust wallet, Imtoken, FortMatic and Meta-Mask. Possible to track staking return and most interesting of all. It is non-custodial.
  • Matic is accelerating Ethereum Ecosystem Growth by providing $3k in bounty prizes at Dapp Jedi Hackathon.


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Princess Aniky

Princess Aniky

Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast

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