Matic Network August Summary Update — Gaming Week

3 min readAug 31, 2020

Hello Readers!!!

This is summary update of what happened in Matic this month!!!.

A little reminder about Matic in case you’ve forgotten

Matic Network is a network that ensure scalable and instant blockchain transactions, this network brings massive scalability to Ethereum using an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains.

Matic Network is becoming one of the best blockchain platform for gaming networks and we’ve have a lot of gaming platforms on-boarding on Matic so far and so many other interesting activities.

Here are few updates you must have missed, probably because you’re not on twitter or you missed the update:

Matic network announced Gaming Week, 5 new gaming DApps joined Matic Network and one was announced each from the 3rd — 7th of August.

  • The first gaming DApp announced was the Synergy of Serra, this is a blockchain game where cards can be traded. Follow link to read more
  • Second gaming DApp of the gaming week was Crypto Arcade. This game was pevious on TRON but now powered by Matic
  • Third gaming platform of the gaming week was Pirates2048. Matic network will enable seamless gaming experience for players on this DApp and also power their in-game token transfer.
  • Crypto Assault was the 4th gaming DApp of the gaming week Matic will also power in-game transfer of this dApp.
  • Boom Elements by EggiesEgg was the 5th gaming DApp of the Matic gaming week. Game is on TRON network but will also be powered by Matic. 10% of the dividend pool will be paid to Boom token holders

These were the 5 Gaming DApps onboarded on Matic Network within the 3rd — 7th Aug.

Other updates will be in my next post.


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