Introducing Virgo — The First Decentralized Appstore Driving DApps Adoption


What is Virgo building?

  • A Powerful, Interoperable Cryptocurrency
    Part of Virgo product is a powerful interoperable cryptocurrency that can scale thousands of decentralized applications and still remains secured, decentralized. It will act as a support layer to any blockchain via relays and atomic swaps.
  • A Decentralized Appstore, and Wallet
    A decentralized wallet is important to everyone with crypto assets, the AppStore and wallet by Virgo are to distribute applications easily and trustlessly making them accessible and interconnected in a single place.
  • Decentralized Applications — Decentralization is about freedom, taking advantage of the technology by creating an ecosystem where every dApps benefit from each other and the community govern the ecosystem.

Virgo Ledger

Virgo ledger is decentralized, scalable and secured. Virgo’s DAGPoW(Directed Acyclic Graph Proof-of-Work) consensus uses the concept of strong classical blockchains like BTC with a DAG.

  • Fast Transactions — Transactions only take seconds and very less fees to be finalized.
  • Simple and Secure — Funds are secured using a very strong and tested proof of work algorithm.
  • Extremely Scalable — Virgo is able to handle thousands of transactions in seconds.
  • Interoperable — Virgo is built to work seamlessly with other blockchain networks.

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