Introducing Taurus Finance — Building the new generation of Meme Token

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Brought to you today, a new and amazing product for everyone who loves Blockchain gaming, Crypto NFTs, Play-to-earn and Defi generally. This platform is unique with its features and is aimed to unleash the Bull through building the new generation of Meme tokens.

The life span and continuity of every project in the crypto space is tied to what they have to offer, their products, use cases of their token, decentralization (Community Participation), roadmap and long term plans.

Taurus Finance is not just one of those meme projects with no use cases, Taurus finance has gotten a lot in stock for all of us. I will take us through what they are building and what we should expect from them.

Taurus Finance

This is a multi-level community-driven decentralized finance ecosystem empowering the community by bringing defi to all accelerating crypto mass adoption.

See what Taurus is Building

  • Play to Earn Gamefi: Lottery
  • DAO Governance
  • Gamefi: Zodiac War

Play to Earn Gamefi: Lottery

Everyone that has been around for a while in the crypto space must have seen one or more play-to-earn games. This simply means you play games to earn from it. In the Taurus Finance Play-to-earn gamefi lottery, token holders will bet a percentage of their $Lish token to participate in a lottery and the winner wins all tokens contributed in the lottery round through a random selection smart contract.

DAO Governance

Decentralization is all about everyone having freedom, not being governed and controlled by any centralized body. Taurus finance is giving the community the access to determine how the ecosystem should work, the community of people holding the Taurus Governance Token can create proposals and vote on proposals to decide what happens in the community.

Gamefi Zodiac War

This is a fun part in Taurus Finance where players can battle with themselves. Player A faces Play B in a battle. In this part, twelve warriors enter into a match but only 1 can be the winner at the end to win the prize.

The token of Taurus Finance will be the Governance and Ecosystem token powering Taurus Products.

Pay attention to this space for more articles and updates about Taurus Finance. They are building an interesting platform for every game lover in the crypto space.

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