Introducing Persistence — Building the Bridge Protocol Powering Next-Gen Financial Products

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Crypto articles are no new thing here on my blog and introducing a new product or project means I found it worthy and interesting for you all readers.

As we all know, most crypto projects have either a product or service they provide, and most times, it is all about financial products, so many projects with scopes and their own uniqueness, some have financial products while some build an ecosystem for them, many have also aimed at creating products that bring real value to everyone in the crypto space.

Every product and service provider has its visions and objectives and the biggest one is to serve crypto users but then PERSISTENCE has gone the extra mile in their vision. Read on while I introduce Persistence


Persistence is building an ecosystem for financial products which is not only focusing on giving good use cases to crypto native users but also focused on institutional use cases. Persistence makes sure every financial institution can gain from their ecosystem considering the best practice of Centralized and Decentralized Finance. They have redefined the paradigm of crypto space finance to provide a major solution as well as creating opportunities through POS. Below are the main focus of persistence;


  • Decentralized Finance — Persistence is giving room for all users, native crypto users, and institutions to interact with both traditional and digital assets in an open and global context, generally, interaction with digital assets becomes easier on persistence.

The native token of Persistence is $XRPT.

And you can read more on the Official Website or look forward to more articles from me.

This is a brief introductory summary of Persistence.

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