INTRODUCING NEWDEX — First Global Decentraized Exchange Based On EOS Blockchain

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For everyone who knows EOS Blockchain and have heard of one or two DApps or even gotten any EOS DApp coin through airdop, there’s a need to know about Newdex Exchange because without this exchange, there’s no way users will be able to trade their DApp coins into Eos and also buy DApp coins with EOS as well.

Having an exchange to trade any coin at all makes it valid at least even without a genuine use case.

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EOS network is one of the biggest network in the crypto space with native cryptocurrency named EOS. This is a unique decentralized blockchain system which enables the development, execution and hosting of commercial-scale decentralize DApps on their platform. Every Decentralized App on EOS Blockchain operates their everything most especially transactions on the chain and all DApp coins are paired with EOS for easy trading transaction between DApp users!!!

On EOS blockchain, there are so many DApps and I have interacted with few of them. Most EOS wallets have an in-built exchange where you can exchange from the DApp coin to Eos and vice versa. I know there are more than 1 exchange on the EOS chain but I have never even check the other for once before because the only exchange I use for all my EOS DApp coins is


I met Newdex first on EOS Blockchain.
Newdex is an EOS based decentralized exchange where all EOS and EOS DApp users do their trading transactions and exchange their coins to and fro EOS.

Newdex is not only focused on EOS. You can interact with the TRON Blockchain too using Newdex, you can buy and sell any coin on the TRON Blockchain, all coins on TRON chain are paired with TRON on Newdex and here is a very easy way to trade them in a decentralized way. All you have to do is chain from EOS chain to TRON chain and then connect your TRON account.

Important Features of Newdex

All decentralize exchanges has only done one thing for us, they make us have full control over our assets while trading them. There’s no need to deposit your coin if you are using a decentralized exchange to trade, everything is open and transparent.

Below are the features of Newdex

  • Matching and Settlement on the chain — All transaction done on Newdex via any EOS wallet are on the chain and can be easily accessed
  • Trustworthy and High Security — Users of Newdex don’t have to worry about exchange holding their coin or having access to their private keys. Every user can self-manage their assets themselves.
  • Convenient Trading — The most important thing in trading is convenience. On Newdex, users receive their funds immediately the trading activity is completed. They don’t have to deposit or withdraw or even be worried about sending to the wrong address.

On EOS, there are so many promising DApps with good coins paired with EOS in trading. Many of this coins have use cases as some are coins of EOS based games. You can see all of this coins on Newdex and might even be interested in trading them for some profits.

This post has only introduced you to NEWDEX. Stay tuned for more post about Newdex and upcoming news that might interest you


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