Introducing Guarda Wallet — The Ultimate Solution for Modern Crypto Management

Guarda Wallet

Coins of different networks available for staking on Guarda Wallet;

  • Ethereum — 5.09%
  • Zilliqa — 13.74%
  • Kusama(Coming Soon) — 14.3%
  • Tezos — 6%
  • ChangeNow — 25%
  • Tron — 4.86%
  • ONT — 33.3%
  • Harmony(ONE) — 10.49%
  • Cosmos(ATOM) — 10%
  • ADA — 5%
  • Callisto(CLO) — 8%
  • NEO — 1%
  • Komodo(KMD) — 5%

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Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast

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Princess Aniky

Princess Aniky

Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast

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