General Summary Update || Matic Network (AUGUST)

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These are general updates you might have missed.
Matic signed partnership with so many interesting blockchain projects and Matic Network has done a lot this month as well.

In a bid to have a more decentralized network, Matic Network phase 1 staking started and 11 validators were added to the network. Phase 2 started with additional 25 validators

  • Indonesia’s biggest crypto exchange Indodax listed matic with IDR pairing to Matic. You can read more about it Here
  • Blockvigil announced MaticVigil. MaticVigil allow developers to quickly deploy and build smat contract on Matic Network without having full of Ethereum.
  • Matic Network Upgraded BOR version on mainnet and all validators were told to do BOR upgrade.
  • Indian Largest Exchange WaziXIndia launched an Automated Market Maker (AMM) DeFi Protocol on Matic Network. Users will be able to swap assets on AMM DEX and earn fees by providing liquidity.
  • Matic is now Listed on BKEX, Users can now trade Matic/USDT. See Link to view trade
  • StaFi Protocol Staking Drop for $Matic Stakers. Staking matic paid off right?. $40K of FIS token were distributed among Matic Stakers
  • Matic Network welcomed Blockchain Consulting Firm BCW_LLC into the validator network.
  • Matic Updated Heimdall on Matic Network and all Matiic Mainnet Validators are expected to upgrade their version of Heimdall
  • EasyfiNetwork is launching a universal layer 2 #DeFi lending protocol for digital assets on Ethereum, this is built on top of Compoundfinance’s codebase and Powered by Matic to enable a Low-Cost DeFi transaction
  • Matic got listed on another Indian Leading Cryptocurrency exchange. BITBNS
  • Ethereum Push Notification Service will now utilize Matic Network for optimization and scaling. See website here
  • As part of phase 2 staking validator on-boarding. Matic announced Decentralgames joined Matic Validator ecosystem.
  • Matic got listed on Australia biggest exchange SWYFTEX. Users can now buy $matic with $AUD using the exchange Mobile App.
  • Matic welcome Razor Network into its decentralized oracle service as part of Matic DeFi ecosystem growth.
  • PlotX, DeFi prediction markets protocol now utilize Matic Network for scalability!
  • Matic got added to leading DeFi protocol Kyber Network as part of DeFi integration
  • Springworks formerly known as Springrole is joining forces with Matic to contribute to the success of the Developer Support Program(DSP)!

MegaCryptoPolis is one of the top 5 ethereum game and it’s onboarding on Matic Network. Matic will power their extensive in-game economy.

  • Award Winning validator. Nodes-Ateam joins Matic Network Validator Ecosystem. Over $8M assets locked in their Nodes, they are the 3rd matic phase 2 validator.
  • Matic Network joined forces with SafeHaven to bring DeFi and digital inheritance service to Indian masses

This is all update for the month of August. See you all next month and don’t forget to bring your dApp to Matic Network.

All partnership pictures belong to Matic Network


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