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Lots of crypto users are into blockchain technology because of different reasons, some will say I am in for the freedom(decentralization), some will say I am in for the earnings and money to be made, some will say I am into crypto because of the technology, yes, everyone wants different things but the end product for everyone is EARNING(MONEY), Truth is that Decentralization will make users have full access and control over their financial assets without the intervention of any centralized body, but the end product still won’t change, It’s the MONEY for everyone lastly.

Ever since the inception of Blockchain Technology, people have always wanted to invest and earn, double their money either through trading, interacting, or contributing with any blockchain platform.

One way or the other, we earn crypto. I am going to be telling you about EasyFi Yield Farming.
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EasyFi Yield Farming

$EASY is the native token of EasyFi, more like the currency of the EasyFi Network, $Easy is a token on the Ethereum Network with a current price of $16.50 as of the time of writing this article. $Easy has a market cap of $27,170,185 with a trading volume of $9,976,614. $Easy is trading on Binance, Uniswap, WazirX, and Bilaxy.

After buying $Easy from any of the above-mentioned exchanges, users may want to hold or some traders may just want to buy low and sell high but

EasyFi Network has made it possible for its users to farm its native token $EASY when they interact with the protocol, which simply means using any of the EasyFi Product or Services will automatically earn you some $EASY tokens, this earning is called FARMING.

The amount of tokens that can be farmed by users depends on their level of interaction with the protocol and all farmed tokens are distributed on a daily basis.

EasyFi Dual Farming

EasyFi being the first Defi lending protocol built on Matic Network, Matic Network has the culture of supporting projects built on their blockchain and they are supporting the EasyFi project community by offering a Native staking offering as an addition to Easy tokens.

Users of Easy Network will be able to earn Matic tokens when they stake their farmed $EASY token.

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Buy $Easy on any of the exchange platforms mentioned in this article to farm more $EASY. This way your investment can grow massively.


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With EasyFi Newtork, You can #DoMoreWithDefi


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