EasyFi Network Update Summary || Partnerships and Announcements || March

EasyFi Summary Update

  • In-line with EasyFi Q1' plan to integrate #EasyFi on multiple chains to provide seamless & interoperable cross-chain lending services to #DeFi users, EasyFi Network expands to Binance this month. This makes EasyFi available on Polygon Network and Binance Smart Chain.
  • EasyFi Network reached 18,000 twitter family.
  • EasyFi Network collaborates in GalaxyFarm Cohort 1, a new staking product developed by Router Protocol, to enable liquidity providers of EASY to farm multiple tokens in the GalaxyFarm pool
  • EasyFi Network reintroduce $Easy Yield Farming Program on Polygon Network, users can stake Stablecoins USDT, DAI, and USDC to farm $Easy
  • This same month, EasyFi gets to 19,000 Twitter Followers.
  • EasyFi announces building Unified Cross-chain Wallet Integration Bridge for New Wallet Integrations, they simply want to create Multi-wallet solutions to give users more ease in interacting with the protocol.
  • To strengthen the #CeDeFi vision and enable seamless transfers of $EASY to and fro Polygon Network, Polygon to BitMax Exchange. BitMax has now enabled a bridge that will lower deposit & withdrawal costs & accelerate the processing time.
  • EasyFi listed Matic as new collateral markets on EasyFi, users can now supply and borrow $Matic on EasyFi.
  • EasyFi also listed Wrapped BTC as a new collateral market on their protocol.
  • Binance launches a high-yield $EASY #staking program with up to 40.56%.
  • EasyFi partners with Math Wallet to open multi-chain access to digital assets.

Only Easy will let you #DoMoreWithDefi


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