EasyFi Network — Real Catalyst for Adoption of Defi

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Article is about EasyFi Network, A network simplifying the adoption of Defi for users.

Just as we all know how Defi started and we clearly can’t mention Defi without mentioning ETHEREUM Network. As large and good as Ethereum Network is, a lot of dApps on this network doing great, both before and after Defi started but the community has only known one problem relating to the Ethereum Network, they are problems relating to GAS FEE, slow transactions, and network congestion which in every way hinders scalability.

These problems still around and Defi started coming up with high demands, therefore alternative scaling solutions became the only way to solve this problem and make Defi available for all, getting a scaling solution that can compete, co-exist and precede becomes very apparent.

This is where Layer-2 Blockchain Network came into the picture to ensure the natural progression of Defi.

EasyFi network was birth with the aim of achieving the ambitious goal of financial inclusion with cheaper and faster transactions at its base.

EasyFi Network as the Real Catalyst for Defi Adoption

EasyFi Network is a decentralized universal Layer 2 lending money market protocol focusing mainly on Defi credit aspect, enabling various module for users who want to borrow access credit easily and responsibly, as part of EasyFi goals, they will also enable a module of Defi based insurance serving as protection for all users supplying capital.

EasyFi Network Built on Matic Network

EasyFi Network was built on Matic Network (A layer 2 network bringing massive scale to Ethereum using an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains) due to its compatibility with the Ethereum codebase.

EasyFi is a fork of the compound protocol being built on Matic Network, offering faster and very low-cost Defi transactions, sophisticated consumer-centric financial products, all to achieve the ambitious goal of financial inclusion.

Putting community first and in the true spirit of decentralization, EasyFi plans to hand over complete control(in the near future) to its community(users) through an innovative governance module.

EasyFi Network is a lending protocol for digital assets making the adoption of Defi easy for users.

With EasyFi Newtork, You can #DoMoreWithDefi


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