EasyFi Network Partners with RAMP — Unlocking Liquidity Capital From Staked Digital Assets on Layer 2 DeFi

What is rUSD?

rUSD is a stablecoin issued on the Ethereum Blockchain, it is the RAMP Defi issued derivative stablecoin that represents the collateralized staked liquidity. Ramp Defi users can deposit yield-bearing assets into the Ramp Defi smart contract and with this deposit, they will be able to mint rUSD stablecoin against the assets they have deposited.

About the Partnership

  • This partnership between Ramp Defi and EasyFi will make RAMP’s staked derivative stablecoin rUSD available and accessible for users on EasyFi lending protocol.
  • This partnership is a good way to add a new set of collateral that will greatly help provide liquidity and maximize capital efficiencies on a layer 2 defi platform.
  • rUSD as new collateral on Easyfi will strengthen the flow of liquidity between Ethereum Mainchain to Layer 2 Network where Easyfi is built on which is Matic Network(Now Polygon).
  • Defi users will have a better experience as they can now have better yield farming options with the addition of the new Ramp’s rUSD as collateral on EasyFi.

See RAMP Defi Twitter and Medium and EasyFi Twitter and Medium Here and Here.


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