EasyFi Network Partners with Cryption Network

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Here is another announcement to be excited about EasyFi Network as they partner with Cryption Network, collaborating for maximized yields and mutual product integrations.

Two projects (EasyFi Network & Cryption) whose products and vision aligns have come together to provide yield maximization opportunities to DeFi users, making borrowing and lending a lot easier as well as enabling mass crypto adoption. This collaboration according to the EasyFi network will open brand new opportunities to Defi users, not excluding all EZ and CNT holders.

What the Partnership Entails

  • There would be collaborative incentivization opportunities for users of both communities to participate in the platform to earn either more of the community token they belong to or partners’ tokens.
  • This collaboration is also aimed at reducing substantial EZ and CNT tokens out of circulation with a special lock-in period and at the same time improve overall return based on supplies reduction.
  • The collaboration will open users of both communities to each of the partner’s ecosystems to make them explore other high yield profit opportunities through cross leveraging on each partner’s platform.
  • Cryption integrates with EasyFi on staking and farming modules which is a good opportunity for CNT holders to earn EZ rewards.
  • Above all, this integration will bring an additional use case to EZ token.

About Cryption

Cryption Network is a revolutionary platform addressing all the drawbacks of the DeFi and crypto ecosystem to offer users the best services possible and promote mass crypto adoption. Source

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