EasyFi Network Monthly Roundup- November

EasyFi Update — November

Week 1

  • EasyFi $EZ Bumper farming and mega staking continue this month.
  • EasyFi completed all necessary testing and vulnerability assessment on the EasyFi Protocol before launch
  • EasyFi farming on Ethereum has Apy if 382% on $EZ-USDC LP Mining and 166% on $EZ — WETH LP Mining.
  • EasyFi Mega Staking where you can stake $EZ and Farm $EZ for 180 days at 11% APY
  • Also EasyFi farming programs on Polygon Network with 36% APY on Unifarm and 98% APY on QuickswapDEX for $EZ- $Quick LP
  • EasyFi Prepare to join the #BlockchainExpo2020 with Blockchain Economy.

Week 2

  • AMA with EPNS to discuss Push Notification on EasyFi Network
  • Final Checks on the Lending Protocol before launch
  • $EZ Bumper farming and Mega Staking continued
  • EasyFi Meme — EasyFi in collaboration with EPNS conducted a meme contest
  • EasyFi get featured on BTC Manager Article
  • EasyFi team member speaks at Blockchain Economy Expo on 14th Nov.
  • Final Protocol checks and balances before launch
  • $EZ farming goes LIVE on Ethereum

Week 3

  • EasyFi Lending Protocol goes LIVE with 6 Money Markets, USDC, DAI, USDT, MATIC, WBTC, and WETH
  • EasyFi goes Mobile with Orange Wallet
  • AMA with EPNS to discuss EasyFi’s vision and Q4 RoadMap
  • Blockchain Economy Expo Day 2
  • Bumper Farming and Mega staking continued

Week 4

  • Native wallet integration starts with Coinbase
  • InnoTechToday mentioned EasyFi in an article discussing how EasyFi lending protocol is making gasless transactions possible for its users.
  • NewsBTc covered EasyFi integration of coinbase wallet in an article
  • EasyFi & EPNS meme contest winners announced.
  • Yahoo Finance featured native wallet integration with coinbase
  • Market Insider featured EasyFi Lending protocol with 6 money markets
  • EasyFi Sponsors Dcentral Miami

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Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast

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Princess Aniky

Princess Aniky

Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast

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