EasyFi Network — Layer 2 DeFi Lending Protocol For Digital Assets Built on Matic Network

Products are;

  • Micro-Lending
  • Under collateralized Loans
  • Credit Delegation
  • Credit Default Swaps

Here are some features of EasyFi Network :

  • Low Cost Transaction: For every blockchain related platform which needs a fast and massive adoption, there must be a provision for low transaction cost to make adoption easier for users. EasyFi network has done this by building on a Layer 2 blockchain which enables cheaper, faster and more efficient transaction.
  • Real World Integration: EasyFi is built to solve real world credit requirements with all supply of capital which will in turn enable more stronger adoption.
  • Deeper Liquidity Pool: EasyFi is built using a layer 2 blockchain on Matic Network, it harness the capability of plasma Blockchain concept. Users can enjoy all benefits of Layer 2 solutions aand still able to use deep liquidity pools of Ethereum Mainchain.
  • Amazing UI/UX with Gasless Transactions
  • Dual Farming with native Staking
    EasyFi netwrk happens to be on eof the first DeFi Protocol built on Matic Network Blockchain. This is the reason Matic Network is supporting EasyFi project community by offering a Native staking offering where users of EasyFi can also farm Matic token when they stake their farmed Easy tokens.


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Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast

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Princess Aniky

Princess Aniky

Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast

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