Earn Crypto by Brexily — Opportunity to earn up to 36% P.A. in dividend returns

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Something BIG coming soon from BREXILY

Since not everyone in the crypto space can afford to own a Bitcoin or by a fraction and wait for it to pump before taking profit and not everyone knows what to do to earn money in crypto and at the same time almost everyone want to invest and make profit.

So many people have extra money to invest in crypto but they have no idea what to do with it, most of them want to trade but trading is not always advised for a newbie or anyone that doesn’t have in-depth knowledge of trading.

This is why and what makes so many project think of a way to help out newbies and people whose aim is just to invest and make some profit for themselves.

Different projects came up with plans to help people invest and gave them the opportunity to also earn from their investments.

This will lead to the talk about

Brexily Earn Crypto

Earn Crypto is a product of Brexily that gives users the opportunity to earn up to 36% P.A.(Per Annum) in dividend returns.

Earn crypto was created to revolutionize the process of crypto trading from users around the world, for everyone who wants to earn from crypto trading and generate a risk-free revenue with little or no knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain then Earn crypto is the best place to invest your money.

Security Provision in Earn Crypto

To keep your investment(asset) safe and secure. Brexily has made a provision to secure users assets by allowing KYC and compatibility with Google Authenticator.

Google authenticator is a 2 step verification services using the Time-based one-time password Algorithm (TOTP) and HMAC-based One-time Password Algorithm (HOTP) for Authenticating users.

While KYC comes with built-in Anti-Money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

Important Features

  • High Interest Rate — Users enjoy high seamless payout everyday, rate up to 36% P.A. on their investment.
  • Flexible Lock-in Period — No too long period of asset lockdown, users can select lockdown period from 6 months and more.
  • Payout in Crypto — Users receive their payout in crypto, they are able to eceive earnings of the biggest value in the current market.
  • Multi Trading Package — Users can select package of their choices starting from $500.

Below Picture shows how reward is being calculated

In the above picture, it is clear that users can make their money work for them, all you have to do is invest and sit back, dividend is coming for you after a stipulated period of time.

And users of EVR holders can have double return from their investment.
Instead of searching all over for projects to invest in, why not just invest your money in Earn Crypto and make it work for you.

This is a very rare opportunity for newbies and crypto users who find it very difficult to understand trading

Are you anticipating so high already??

Earn Crypto is going LIVE on the 30th of October and I’m sure you don’t want to miss.

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