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Just a little reminder before I proceed to BOX DAO,

DeFiBOX is the one-stop Defi Platform on the EOS Blockchain.

As we all know that DeFi(Decentralized Finance) is built mainly to promote decentralization and eliminate all kinds of centralized authorities governing crypto users and their funds. DeFi is to take away a system where users have to trust some centralized exchanges/authorities with their funds by depositing and trading them through some procedures which has to be followed whether satisfactory or not, just all in the name of trading from one coin to the other.

On DeFi, users don’t trust anyone with their fund, this is a market where anyone at all can walk to and make a swap, without a prior registration or hard procedures, the process of making things work requires providing liquidity for the market which makes swapping easier for everyone, this is not free as liquidity providers get a share of swapping fee and other rewards. This people are known as the Market Makers, there are lots of liquidity pool(token pairs) where different Market Makers can provide liquidity for, to make swap for the pairs successful.

About DeFiBox DAO

On Defibox, there’s what we call Voting Governance which allows users to be the dictator of everything happening in the Defibox ecosystem.

Proposal are made and users are allowed to vote if they agree to the proposed or not. This voting result will determine if the proposal will be executed.

This way full decentralization is practiced as it gives stakeholders the chance to have a say on the development of the project. And this is what Defibox and DeFi as a whole stands for.

To participate in the development of Defibox, you have to be a stakeholder. Only users who own and stake
BOX are allowed to vote and have a say on what next should be developed, adjusted or corrected.

On DeFiBOX official website, there’s a page for Proposal and this is where all pending and executed proposal can be seen.

All you have to do to be part of the development is to buy and stake BOX.

BOX is available on Defibox Swap and can be bought with EOS, USDT, NDX or any other coin that has liquidity in pair with BOX.

Be part of DeFiBOX Development today!!!!


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