Defibox Community Incentive Program — Every Contribution Deserves Encouragement


Optimization suggestion

  • First Optimization Suggestion: The automatic adjustment mechanism of the USN interest rate which was implemented to strengthen the pegged status of USN exchange rate was first proposed by Da Hai. This suggestion also gives USN the characteristics of algorithm stable coin as staking stablecoin. The suggestion passed voting in DIP24.
  • Second Optimization Suggestion: The USN collateral participating in the TAG mining pool improves the efficiency of fund use of USN collateral and further promotes the USN exchange rate to peg at the same time. This was first proposed by Zhang Jian and was voted and successfully implemented in DIP18.
    The suggestion was a very useful one and it was adopted. Zhang Jian was rewarded with 150 USN as well.
  • Third Cooperation Contribution: The distribution method of Defibox protocol revenue was adjusted to encourage liquidity providers in EOS+BOX liquidity, this greatly increases the depth of the liquidity pool and pushes Defibox back to the positive cycle, The suggestion was first proposed by Yongqing and it passes voting in DIP20. It was adopted and Yongqing was rewarded with 150 USN.

Cooperation Contribution

Dahai Xingchen as the middleman of Defibox and Loopring protocol has directly contributed to PLRC dual mining activity on Defibox. This has promoted users’ understanding of pTokens cross-chain assets while increasing the depth of PLRC liquidity pool, which is good for Defibox’s cross-chain strategy. The suggestion was adopted and Dahai Xingchen will be rewarded with 150 USN.

Community incentive plan

  • Excellent Suggestion Award: Suggester will have to provide a very important improvement suggestion for Defibox, either on existing product features that will have a positive influence on the development of Defibox or suggest an entirely new product to the overall virtuous circle and healthy development of Defibox.
  • Cooperation Contribution Award: Expanding diversified business cooperation channel for Defibox and help to establish or deepen cooperation with third-party, attract more users and partners to participate in Defibox Construction, this will help in jointly building Defi ecosystem.

How to participate

  • Send suggestions to email
  • Email Format:
  • Once the proposal is adopted and successfully implemented, you will receive the corresponding reward;
  • When repeated content is submitted, the Foundation will select according to the time sequence and description of the proposal;
  • The right to draft incentive rules and the final interpretation of award qualifications belongs to the Defibox Foundation. Source

See Website to read more

Defibox is calling on all community members to contribute to the growth and development of the platform.


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