DeFiBOX BOX Saving System(BSS) — Claim rewards by saving and share the VIP privileges

2 min readJan 25, 2021

Hello Blockchain Lovers!!!!
I have always been talking about DeFibox. The EOS Blockchain One-stop Defi application.

An application that is set to unlock the full potential of the EOS Defi Market and make users have complete control over their crypto assets on the EOS chain.

BSS(Box Saving System) was launched that users of Defibox can lock their BOX token as savings to get rewards. The box saving lock period is divided into 3 and users who participate in any of these savings will be able to claim rewards from savings and share VIP privileges on DeFibox.

I must say, this service is a very good one for people using Defibox to get good returns from holding their crypto assets, so many crypto users today love to HODL their coins while waiting for them to pump so they can take profits, but holding with no return seems not to be good for a long term investment. Investing in a coin and holding to get a return by locking them is a very good idea for any investor.

Defibox BSS service is all you need as a saving service and you can enjoy APY depending on the duration you locked for.

Defibox BSS is divided into 3 phases.

  • First, If any user wants to save their BOX for a period of 90 days, the real-time APY is 7.62% with a rewarding weight of 1.0.
  • Second, If any user wants to save their BOX for a period of 180 days, the real-time APY is 15.25% with a rewarding weight of 2.0.
  • And Lastly, If any users want to save their BOX for a period of 360 days which is almost a year, the real-time APY is 30.50% with a rewarding weight of 4.0.

Visit BSS Page on Defibox official website to read more about BSS.

BSS Volume has exceeded 340k BOX token with 527 accounts. This simply means a lot of EOS Users trust EOS chain Defi platform for greatness.

Creating an EOS account is not difficult, you can do it from any wallet that is mainly for EOS Blockchain and DApps.
SAVE with DeFiBOX today to enjoy your juicy return on investment.


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