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EOS Blockchain is a very large blockchain network and as we Bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrency. Defibox has launched for quite a while now and we’ve had different coins for instant swap on Defibox.

Any coin that must have a successful swap on Defibox must be compatible with the EOS Blockchain, all eos wallet must entertain this coin.

Bitcoin is a coin that can only be on its own network, and if it must be on some other Blockchain I know, then it has to be a pegged.

PBTC (BTC- Pegged) is a BTC- Pegged on EOS network, used on EOSFinex, this was brought to Defibox by PNetworkDeFi.

Users of Defibox can now swap their BTC-Pegged into any coin and also swap other coins to PBTC.

PBTC liquidity pool on defibox has over 50 PBTC with different people provided liquidity to the pool.
Swap.defi has the highest stake in the pool with so many other stakeholders.

In Conclusion, PBTC is now available on DeFibox for swaps.


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